A Place Called Khayelitsha

Townships across South Africa are synonymous with poverty, and the implications that come with poverty (read: violence, rampant drug abuse, etc). When my friend Moses (pictured below) invited me on a personal tour to the largest township in the nation, Khayelitsha, I leapt at the opportunity — but with caution.
Below are a series of photos from a day spent in Khayelitsha. The photo essay begins following a one-hour train ride and a thirty-minute walk. We arrived to the home of Moses’s friend Mohapi. With the presence of these two individuals, it was established that it would be safe to begin taking photographs. Mohapi became my translator/goodwill ambassador, enabling me to take portraits of people and capture moments that I would have otherwise deemed too invasive.



(This photo essay was first published in 2011.)

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