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The key to a successful relationship

What kind of data would emerge if you asked hundreds of couples their advice for successful partnerships? Blogger Mark Manson did just that: he polled the readers of his highly-visited website, and the results were incredibly repetitive. (But in a good way.) These 13 lessons might transform the way you engage in your own intimate relationship.

Please like this

The trend in television these days is to create hyper-real, flawed characters. (I’m looking at you HBO’s Girls.) As a viewer I just want characters that I can root for. That’s why I adored Please Like Me, a cutting-edge sitcom from Australia. The lead character, Josh, is goofy and smart and imperfect. He's navigating a complex world while helping to care for his bipolar mother. The results are amusing and surprisingly touching.

The Poignancy of old Pornography 

There’s something especially tender about old erotic. An image of a couple in coitus in the early 20th century has an amusing burlesque element — but it becomes disquieting when we consider that they are long dead. Because sex is the ultimate activity of the moment, perhaps old pornography is inviting us not to care about our own mortality. Not convinced? Watch this clip by The School of Life.