The Antidote for Uncertainty

In a world that makes few promises, what can we feel sure of?

In Defense of the Selfie

It’s time to expand our perspective on the most loathed form of photography.

What to Hold on to

How my Grandma's record player catalyzed an existential dilemma.

Memoirs of a Collage Junkie

I used to prowl for images and words that reflected my personal identity. Now I don't.

The World is Tragically Stocked with Interesting People

Maybe that’s why I've ended up at a bar with a dude dressed as Jesus dancing on a pole.
dear corporations, from consumers

Dear Corporations, From Consumers

We’re weaning ourselves off uninspired corporate messaging. We crave honest brands.

How Much Does it Cost For One Year of Travel?

Travelling the world for a year. That must be expensive, right? Well, yes and no.

Final Sentiments From a Yearlong Voyage

Let's talk about the benefits of fear.

“They’re Poor, But They’re Happy.”

Money can’t buy me love (or happiness). But it works wonders to sidestep suffering.

Standing with the Excluded

If I want to be divine, I should get off my knees and go plant some vegetables.