Hi you. Welcome to my website. It's a collection of essays and lists and photos (and other fun stuff). Noodle around and you might find something you like.

The short version of me: I'm a writer and adventurer based in Canada. I've done some less remarkable things (such as a degree in Human Relations) and some semi-remarkable things (such as running a couple marathons and mastering the art of pickling beans). My likes include Malbec wines, old-school country music and baby goat herding.

If the whole "baby goat herding" mention piqued your curiosity, nab yourself a copy of The Traveller.

Additionally, I like to help people who are dabbling with big dreams. Perhaps you're interested in international travel? How about independent publishing? Wondering how to get started on social media? Let me know what your questions are. Reach out for more details: dannyboy [at] danielbaylis.ca 

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Portrait photo by Eva Blue.